Dear Community

The veil of secrecy is being lifted. We are the Laniatus team. Hello to you all again after 8 years! We are finally approaching the launch period of our game, which we have been developing with our own means and our own power since approximately 2019, and which we care more than ourselves. This four-year period added a lot to us and took a lot of things back from us (material & spiritual). But we have never forgotten one fact that we have never forgotten, and that is that we have always had a huge loving community behind us, who love us no matter what and who are fully committed to the true Magic To Master and Laniatus, and have been waiting for us for years. That’s what gave us the strength to go on, the progress we needed to make.

It’s finally today, 28 January 2023, and we are very happy and proud to announce that our old game, which evokes the unique touch of the Far East and the unique spirit of adventure and teamwork, has been completely revamped and redesigned from the ground up to be brought back to you in perfect form and officially released on Steam. After nearly 4 years of arduous development, our game Magic To Master is finally getting ready to be released very soon.

This time we’ve decided to release Magic To Master on Steam, the world’s largest community of gamers, and we’ve created a great progression map and prepared ourselves for it, and we’re still preparing ourselves for it.

    • Magic To Master will be ready to play again very soon with 27 different languages to appeal to different cultures, improved graphics systems and almost flawless architecture.

In addition, you will see many of your favourite managers from the old game team such as Fry, Mano, Rheia, OrdnaeL and many other administrators from the old game team, who are the secret heroes of many of you, and many of our former publishers, accompanying you here again in the capital of Zorandor, the land of the mysterious Aravonuria! We are still working on the launch of our new game, which has been prepared with great care and attention compared to the previous game version.

Are you ready to be with us again in this great and mysterious journey, where we will determine our basic needs and if we deem it necessary, we will apply for your help?

If so, you can now reach our official steam store and support us by using the “Add to wishlist” button!

    • If you add the game to your wishlist, you’ll be helping us out in a big way, and you’ll also be automatically notified by Steam when the game is released and have the chance to get your hands on one of the limited number of digital copies!

    • We need you to add the game to your wishlist, and we need you to share and promote us with everyone in your circles to help us reach as many people as possible.

    • We’ll be releasing a great announcement very soon so you can support us in the “pre-release” process with a limited number of entries before early access. Of course, we will continue to provide you with new gameplay videos and cinematics.

    • Don’t forget to follow the “M2M Official Community” page on the Steam store. The most valuable and up-to-date information will be shared here, we don’t want you to miss it.

    • We plan to make the game available pre-release and during this time, we plan to meet the basic requirements and basic needs related to the game. Then we will enter the Early Access process. Don’t worry, we will not keep the Early Access period too long, as in the previous game release. We plan to complete the Release version around May 2023 This time we are creating a perfect progression map.

It is really an indescribable and unique feeling to be able to experience this feeling again today, to taste this excitement again.
As we promised, we are keeping our promise and we will continue to do so.

For much more information, join our official community!

Laniatus, LLC and the Magic To Master Team

Ready to start your journey?

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