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Dear Community,
We know that many of you have been waiting to read this announcement. We have undertaken the full development of our revamped MMORPG computer game from the very beginning, designing the engine and network architecture almost from scratch and designing the game from the very beginning with great difficulty. At this stage, we have changed, improved and upgraded many things from the previous game version.

General information about the game;
As many of you have been waiting for, the game’s store page is now up on Steam and awaiting approval. Of course, in the meantime, a few documents about copyright, intellectual property registration, licence and other official matters need to be prepared. The game’s availability status on the store page will be listed as “Coming soon” shortly, but you can help us and the game tremendously by adding the game using the “Add to Wishlist” button. This way, you will be notified by the Official Steam community when the game is ready.

Will existing game accounts be available?
– We’ve already answered this, but let’s clarify it anyway. Yes, existing game accounts will still be available until the early access period ends. Old and new accounts will be deleted at the end of the early access period.

Will there be a forum page for the game?
No decision has been made yet on whether or not there will be a forum page, but we think the Steam community in general should be favored. We can of course create a forum page if necessary.

When exactly will the game be available?
It’s really hard to say, because we’ve been funding the game almost entirely out of our own pockets up until now, but now that the game is almost complete, there are a number of financial requirements before it can be released. In order to fulfil these, we are trying to draw a progress map and calculate a spending plan and budget. But considering the advanced development we have done, we believe that the game will be fully ready as soon as possible, probably in May. (What a coincidence, isn’t it? 🙂 As before, again this May…)

In the early access phase, will everyone be able to access the game?
– During the development process of the game, unlike many other companies, during the development process (for 4 years), we have never collected money from the community with donation campaigns and never made promises to our valued players. We paid for many things ourselves and we continue to pay. However, we are a very small team, we need a dedicated server and cabinet system that we will host in our local server room in order to be able to publish the game in the early access phase and put it into service smoothly. Because we plan to publish the game under our own publishing in our own application, not with a rental hosting service. For this reason, we plan to apply a certain base price (crowdfunding) in order to meet the hardware and equipment needs during the early access period before release. In this way, we can meet the hardware and equipment needs and publish the game as soon as possible. But don’t worry, our funding campaign will be as transparent as possible and we will inform the community moment by moment. Funding will only be used to fulfil the basic needs of the game.

What is the base price application during the early access phase?
– The game will be listed as completely free-to-play on Steam, but it will not be possible to access the game as it will be listed as “Coming Soon” For this reason, we are considering a certain crowdfunding according to the plan we have designed in our basic progress map. In this crowdfunding, backers of the project will be able to receive great permanent rewards, as well as a CD Access Key that will give them access to the game.

What has changed in the game?
– We have extended the multi-platform support. The game is now available not only on Windows, but also on Linux and MacOS (partially in VR).
• Social media API support has been added, you can connect your accounts to Steam, Google, Discord, Facebook, you can create registration.
• We managed to upgrade the graphics API support from DX9 -> DX12.
• We improved the interaction factors by fixing many architectural errors of the physics engine.
• We are working to improve the artificial intelligence to bring the game to higher levels of enjoyment.
• We are trying to keep the endgame alive with unique content that is not repeated as much as possible.
• We are completely changing the mission system so that you can choose adventures that you can choose instead of boring and repetitive missions.
• We’ve changed the lighting model so that it now values and shapes according to the cyclical state of the world.
• We have changed the ambiance and environment of the world to be much more cinematic but realistic (realistic wind, trees, seasons, etc.)
• With the development of the physics engine, we have designed much more realistic hitting sensations and unique mechanics of hack and slash.
• Almost all of the animations have been fixed.
• The world bosses have been made the strongest representation of the game.

All right, we got a new cinematic. You can find it here

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