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Magic to Master is a Far Eastern Fantasy and Adventure Role Playing game for developed by PCs and VR. The game is set in a series of alien worlds, each with its own unique species, races and architectures. Become a legendary hero in a dangerous and mysterious world of magic and monsters with complex AI creatures and massive multiplayer of up to 10,000 players per server. Explore endless dungeons and ancient cities in long-forgotten lands in search of knowledge, treasure and the power of the gods! The game will represent four (4) playable character classes (male and female) at launch, and three (3) different enemy dynasties that are hostile to each other that can be pre-selected. 


Eight different character variations with four different classes to choose from!
Warrior: You can become the ultimate melee lord by delivering fast and deadly blows to your enemies. You can easily adapt to any battlefield! TANK character class!

Mage: You can harness the power of magic and blessedness, whether you choose to fight and defeat your opponents or to provide supportive effects to your allies in battle. Perhaps you are the biggest support the DPS character classes are looking for? Without doubt, the Mage is the deepest sage of magic and healing.  HEALING character class.

Assassin: If you want to master melee and agility, this is the class for you! Whether you prefer melee and become a master of the dagger, or you prefer the bow and become a real-time master of hunting in VR! As a MELEE character class, she is the most notorious killer of assassination and mystery! 

Petrun: If you want to become a master of dark magic and sorcery, Petrun is for you! Become a Petrun master with the power of dark magic or the physical strength of the sword! The most powerful sorcerer, the best wielder of ancient and dark magic! CASTER character class.

    Eight different character classes with a wide variety of weapon types.
     Six available weapon types broken down by class.
     Selectable gender and character customization support.
    Two different denominations to choose

Each class has a variety of different skills. All skills can be customised with items to enhance and increase their potential and even add additional effects. Develop and strategically use skills to create your ideal hero. Play as Petrun, Warrior, Mage and Assassin and much more, such as a warrior of darkness or light.  Fighting in Magic to Master feels really satisfying and fast, rivaling the speed of even the best Hack’n’Slashes. Relentless use of magic powers, slashing, burning, agility and dodging, rolling – think fast, move faster! 


Initially, there are three different enemy dynasties to choose from. The main dynasty of the Empire is the ‘Rahun’ dynasty. You cannot enrol in the Rahun dynasty by choice, only true warriors who have proven themselves in the battleground arena of the empire are eligible to join! 

Rahun Dynasty; The imperial dynasty lives in the imperial palace, which is protected from mortals. The duty of well-trained and experienced guards is to protect the palace day and night. To enter the palace, it is necessary to pass through the gate. No warrior or anyone else can use weapons there.

Teven Dynasty; The colour of the old Teven family is red. It is the colour of war and blood. The best warriors of the Empire come from this family. Including the empire’s all-time warlord. No matter what family class, everyone who belongs to this family receives serious military training. Accordingly, the character belonging to the family has a significant bonus due to their fighting skills. If you prefer physical combat, you should choose the Teven family to further emphasise your abilities.

Rasan Dynasty; He specialised in the magical arts. Every member of the family undergoes serious magical training, including the emperor’s court magician. After learning the basics of magic, each member of the family specialises in an important area of magic. The experienced family members, who have been training the youngsters since they were children, decide which area of magic this will be. If you come from the Rasan family, you are granted significant bonuses in all areas of magic.

Solon Dynasty; They based their power and authority mainly on trade and the revenues derived from it. At the beginning of the rise of the empire, they monopolised the purchase of the most important products and controlled the trade routes. Then the greatest wealth was concentrated in their hands, and often even the emperor’s family became devoted to the Solon family. They even lent money to the emperor and helped him when necessary. If you were born into this family, you will never need money, and you will be able to buy and sell equipment and supplies in the emperor’s city district at a more favourable price than others.

  • Four great dynasties that you will be challenged by at the start!
  • Three enemy dynasties that you can choose from the start and change later on.
  • Unique bonuses and special perks for each dynasty!

The target audience for Magic to Master will be the closest fans of role-playing adventures and far eastern action games, as well as PVE players. Experienced players of action RPGs (players of World of Warcraft and other similar games) will find the game familiar, and those looking for a longer game (at least 1000+ hours) will find it intriguing and engaging. M2M is an online massively multiplayer role-playing game set in the fictional and magical lands of Aravonurian. While exploring the open world environments, you will never be limited and you can interact with other players like you, form guilds, sell the objects you get from the creatures you fight and kill in the open world in the market place (Auction house), invest in combat equipment suitable for your characters, and complete quests to “level up” your characters, and strengthen their character statistics with the status points you earn.

Magic to Master is a complete MMORPG with guild systems, dungeons and runs with world bosses. It also includes achievements, an auction house system and various mounts and pets. In-game gear sets have different stat boosts, rarities and set bonuses. You can also find familiar professions such as crafting, fishing, armour crafting and mining. 




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