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Game related questions

How many classes will there be?

There will be 4 classes.
Knight, Assassin, Mage and Petrun. Each of the classes will have 2 specializations, which differ in their skills.

Do all classes start in the same place?

✓ Two different skill types for all classes become available as soon as you reach level 5. However, when a character class reaches level 50, they must join the "Light warriors or Dark Warriors" clan. After selecting one of them, the skill group of the chosen clan is strengthened by +25%. The other remains the same.

What will the item attribute system be like?

✓ You have 4 Attributes. Strength, Intelligence, Vitality and Dexterity. After each level up you get 4 attribute points, which you can distribute among the attributes.

Will there be groups/parties?

✓ Yes, you can invite other players into a group to go on adventures with them.

How many dynasties are there?

✓ There are four dynasties . Rasan, Teven, Solon and Rahun.

Are dynasties hostile to each other?

✓ Yes. Players from other dynasties can fight each other in PVP. But no player wields a sword in Rahun the imperial dynasty.

Is there an item upgrade system?

✓ Yes. You can improve the values of your items by taking them to the blacksmith. Each item goes up to level +10, with each level being an upgrade from the previous one. However, the upgrade can also fail, causing the item to disappear. In addition, the items can be improved by enchanting. The items receive random bonuses that can be switched as often as required

Will there be an auction house?

✓ There will be no auction house for the early release.

Can you trade with other players?

✓ Yes, you can trade tradable items with other players through a trading window. You can also send items or game currency to a player using a message window (private).

Is there a friends option?

✓ Yes, you can add other players as friends

Is it possible to get married?

✓ It will not be possible to get married in the early release. But it will be possible in the future.

Is there a guild function?

✓ It will not be possible to start a guild for the early release. However, it will be implemented later in the game.

When will the guild system be integrated and which features will there be?

✓ There will be no guilds for the release. However, they should be implemented in the game very soon. In addition, there should also be guild maps, as well as visual affiliation, for example in the form of a guild tattoo

How detailed is the character creation screen?

✓ When creating characters, you can customize the body, face and hair.

Will the horse riding animations change?

✓ Yes. The animations will be edited and improved in the future.

Do I have to spend money to keep up with other players?

(×) No. The game will not be based on pay2win.

What are the advantages of players who invest a lot of money?

✓ Players who invest a lot in the game do not have many advantages. Above all, you will stand out visually from the crowd. Whoever invests money in the game can help the developers to continue working on the game and thus keep it alive.

How can I see which language other players speak?

✓ Yes, you can see a flag on players from different countries, just like in the previous game version. However, this flag will not be next to the name, only the player will appear on the target board. You will also be able to choose to see which countries players are speaking from in the game. In the near future, we plan to create an automatic translation tool within the game.

What updates are planned?

✓ Cross platform for mobile phones (with the update from early 2023) Playable on Linux (in the following updates) Cross platform Xbox, Playstation, Switch (in the following updates) Reading of the quest texts by voice-over artists Guilds including a private guild card with buildable buildings, NPCs and resources Skins for weapons, equipment and pets Tattoos and logos on characters and equipment (“guild emblem”) Different jobs Marriage Pets & Mount Accessories Karma level for quests weekly updates!

I found a bug in the game, what can I do?

✓ You can report the error by pressing the ESC key or you can communicate with the game managers with the GM button on the minimap on the right.

Is it possible to kill another player without being involved in a duel?

✓ Yes, you can change your options, which allows you to kill other players without a duel. If you do this, however, it can have negative consequences for the character.

Will there be an official game forum?

✓ Yes, an official game forum www.forum.magictomaster.net or www.forum.magictomaster.org will be available.

What will the skill tree look like and how does the progress system work?

✓ From level 5 you can choose to specialize in your class. From then on, each class has 6 different skills. For each level up you get a skill point, starting at level 5. It is recommended to skill each skill to at least 1 point. Each skill has 4 different understandings:  You have three ways in the game. Every character is neutral until level 50. After everybody can choose: you can join to the Warriors of Light or Dark Power Cult, or you can remain neutral too.


The attack power and/or the effect of all the skills decrease by 20%.
It is not a special order, just it does not belong to neither orders.
Warriors of Light

The skills of the order of the Warriors of Light increase with 25%.
Dark Power

The skills of the order of the Dark Power increase with 25%.
The skills are developable till level 40 (10 levels per block). The level of the character and the skills affect the learning of the skills. The character gives a skill point after every level up. You can increase the level of a skill with these skill points. You can use up the points later too, they will not be lost, just they will increase with every level up. Every class can learn skills from level 5, then new skills will be learnable after every 15 levels. If you do not have enough level to a skill, it will be visible in grey. If you can learn a skill, a small signal plus will appear on the skill icon. If a skill reaches 10 levels, it will go to the next stage.

Every class can learn their own skills. From level 50 everybody can choose an order. E.g. if you choose the Light Order, even your Dark skills will remain but they will be weaker by 20%. The values of the neutral skills do not change if you choose an order.

At the moment, you can not choose order, it will be added to the game only later.

Types of the skills:

Strength (STR) and the attack power of the weapons can influence these skills. Defence against them: defence against the weapon which the character holds, and the ’defence’ bonus (e.g: sword defence or two-handed defence).

Intelligence (INT) and the magical attack value of the weapons can affect them. Defence against them with the ’magic defence’ bonus. The fan defence can decrease only the value of the normal hits, so this bonus is not too useful (it does not affect the skills).

Support skills. There are „self-buffs” which you can use on your own character only (e.g.: Sword Energy, Inner Power, Blade Enery) and there are buffs which you can put to another caracters too (Shamans’ buffs). The third type is the „de-buff”. There is only one de-buff in the game: ’Purge’ which is able to weaken another characters.

In the Rich District, you can find the Wise Monk, who can reset your skill and status points for 10,000 Gold per level (so a character with level 10 will pay 10 × 10,000 = 100,000 Gold for the reseting).

Will the graphics and gameplay be improved in the future?

✓ Yes, both the game and gameplay as well as animations will be improved in the future.

Is there a limit to the number of dungeons I can do in a day?

✓ That will show in time whether this is necessary. Should it be necessary to make the game more balanced, this will definitely be implemented. However, for now, there is no limit for Minotaur King, Wu Zhein, Dragon Lord, Reaper God,  Spider Queen, Commander Eormenor, General Wildar or Naga Dungeons.

Is there a weight limit for the inventory?

✓ There is no such limit yet

Is a progress directly affected by item shop items? For example: Does the chance to improve your skills increase or the time to improve your skills decrease?

✓ Far from the previous understanding of the game (such an option pre-existed), there will no longer be such an option. This type of item will not be available in the item shop. If such items are available, then only in-game and accessible to everyone. 

Will crafting be implemented at release?

(×) No, crafting will not be possible for the release. That will be implemented later

Will special weapons be craftable or lootable?

✓ A crafting system is planned. Whether one can craft weapons has yet to be discussed. All items are lootable in some way

Can the characters swim?

✓ It is possible for the characters to jump or swim. But it won't be in the current game yet. However, this can be included in the following processes and in the progress map.

Will there be group quests?

✓ There will be no group quest for the release. These will be implemented later.

Will there be an archer specialization for assassins?

✓ Yes, this will be available. We will also provide an excellent character and movement controller for archers.

Will the community be able to comment on the development of the game?

✓ Yes, the community can give us feedback on the game at any time. We will try to collect the feedback as best as possible in order to develop the game accordingly. For many updates, polls are soon in Discord and official forum.

What is the maximum level? Will the content be expanded?

✓ The maximum level for the release is 255. The content and the max. levels will certainly be expanded in the future.

General questions


What is an early access?

✓ Magic To Master will be released first in alpha and later in early access. So you can play and support real M2M from an early state again. This means that the game is officially released, but does not yet have all the features that the developers have created. Only then will the game be completed one day. The game will not reset after early access. So far, everything should work in M2M (of course there are always bugs). The game is still at version 0.x and therefore only has the basics of an MMORPG. From then on, the game will be developed with the support of the community. Patch 1.0 is usually the patch that completes the game. Everything after 1.0 is just updates, new ideas, etc. All below 1.0 = Missing game. If you want to participate in the early access process and experience the game, sign up for your early access subscription via this link before we officially announce it.

Does my country have an own server?

✓ There will only be one (huge) server for all players. But for all countries the server will be split into separate branches. This server architecture can host multiple servers and is highly optimized.

Will the team be available ingame to answer questions?

✓ Yes, if you want to reach a team member, you can reach an official instantly with the GM button on the MiniMap on the right side of your screen.image.png.86944c23971f46bd7ef591ec49db5959.png

Will there be support in different languages on „Bug Report“ section?

✓ It would be best to do the bug report in English as it is the language that all developers can speak. However, Hungarian, English, Turkish, German and Portuguese languages will still be supported.

Is crossplay available from day one?

(×) No. The game will be released on Steam for Windows. Other platforms like Linux, IOS, Android, PS4 xBox One will follow later

Will updates be free?

✓ Yes, all updates will be free and delivered real time instantly.

What plans do you have regarding the item shop?

✓ The game will be free2play. In the item shop mainly cosmetic items will be offered for sale.

Will it be possible to pay through Steam?

✓ Yes, payment support will be available extra via steam..

What languages will the game be available in?

✓ English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, and Italian

What payment model will the game have? Will there be fixed exchange rate other currencies in In-Game Shop?

✓ All payments are made through Steam and the options it offers.

Are you planning to expand the development team after the release?

✓ Yes, if the game is successful and the earnings allow it. That's when we will activate participant entries from within the community. But for now, there is no general GM intake available.


We have prepared this list for you, the preparation of this list can be the initiator and representation of a great news that you all have been waiting for.

Soon the list will be further updated, and the Wiki will be activated to offer more information.

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